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Conveniently Timed Accident

Title: Conveniently Timed Accident
Rating: K
Genre: romance, family
Warnings: gender swap -  always-a-girl!Jim
A/n: st_xi prompt: have a thousand and one images and ideas running around my head, and every single one seems to feature a pregnant Jim Kirk. I love genderbending and mpreg equally, so it's the author's choice as to how they figure out the details but I'd love some scenettes with a pregnant Kirk - maybe alwaysagirl!Kirk realises she's pregnant but doesn't know how Bonew will take it, seeing as he already has a kid, or maybe it's just little insights into Kirk's pregnancy as the months go by, or some really hot pregnant!sex, or or or...
Anything with pregnant Kirk and a loving, protective partner, please. I have a penchant for Kirk/McCoy but K/S would be just as lovely

Jamie chewed her lip, perched on the edge of the toilet as she waited for the results. She never thought she would want one, but then she got with Bones and got her captaincy, and...she settled. She settled down, and it had been a few years now, and she supposed it just was her biological clock ticking loudly, but Jamie wanted a baby.

It wasn't something they'd talked about. Bones already had Joanna and Jamie herself had been too wild when they first got together for it to be something she even considered, much less talked about with the man she'd been terrified of scaring off anyway. And there had never been an opportune moment to broach the subject since she'd settled down. She breathed deeply as she deposited the test machine on the counter and wiped her suddenly slick palms off on her skirt. What if he didn't want this? What if he thought she tricked him? What if he left?

Jamie closed her eyes and rested her face on her palms, elbows propped up on her knees. She was scared to see the results when she heard the machine beep. Taking a steeling breath, she wiped her sweaty hand off on her skirt and reached for it, and then stilled when she heard the door to their quarters open.

"Jamie?" Bones called. "You home?"

Jamie closed her eyes shit and took another deep breath, opening her mouth to answer, only to jerk her eyes open and stop when Bones opened the door.

He stopped, too, and looked at her, an eyebrow cocked in question and skepticism as she slowly sat up straight, clasping her hands together in her lap. "What are you doing?" Bones asked.

She gave him a smile she knew was trembly around the edges. "Ah," Jamie started, "nothing, really."

Bones pursed his lips at her. "Liar," he replied without heat or accusation, eyes sweeping the head for clues as to what she was doing.

He stopped on the tester on the counter. Jamie supposed they hadn't have changed much in the last fourteen years since Joanna had been conceived when his eyes widened and skipped to hers, enormous in the weak yellow light of the head. "Is that...?"

"A pregnancy test? Yeah," she replied, feeling sick. Jamie wasn't certain she could read his expression with any degree of accuracy at the moment, but she didn't see hope or joy. Her stomach flip flopped inside her, clenching and making her feel even more ill.

"Are you pregnant?"

"I haven't looked yet," she said, her voice shaky.

Bones walked forward, ignoring the test on the counter and knelt in front of her on the carpet. "Jamie," he said softly, gently placing a hand on her knee. "Do you want this?"

Jamie nodded, chewing her lips again. What if he leaves? "I do," she said, voice equally soft as she squeezed her hands together nervously in her lap. "Are...are you okay with this?"

"More than ok," Bones said, covering her hands with his.

Cool relief flooded through her and she leaned forward to rest her forehead against his. "Thank god," Jamie breathed.

Bones shifted up to kiss her. "Did you really think I wouldn't be?" he asked when he pulled back, looking a little hurt.

Jamie framed his face with her hands. "I don't know...I thought you might leave me," she admitted, stroking his cheekbone with her thumb.

He frowned. "Even if I didn't want a baby or love you, which I assure you I do on both counts, I wouldn't leave you to raise a child alone. Abandoning you would be dishonorable."

Jamie smiled. "You're so old fashioned," she murmured, running a hand through his hair. "It's kind of sweet."

He rolled his eyes at her. "Am not. Otherwise, we woulda got married before I touched you."

"You mean, you let me touch you," she smirked.

"Horndog." Bones rolled his eyes again. "Anyway, let's see the results," he said, picking up the test and scooting around so they could look at it together, wrapping an arm around her waist.

"Love you," she said, interlacing their fingers against her side.

"Love you, too," he said, slightly distracted as he read the results, before he gave her a blindingly bright smile. "You're pregnant!"

Jamie let him pull her into a fierce kiss.

"I love you," he repeated when they separated.

She just smiled and kissed him again, laughing when Bones scooped her up and headed for their bedroom.

Spock raised an eyebrow. "You realize that you will have to step down from your position?"

Bones scowled at Spock but Jamie placed a calming hand on his arm and said, "Yes, I do - at least until the kid's a teenager. Then I'm gonna drag Bones back into space," she said with a grin.

"It is fortuitous that this has occurred with six months left of the current tour, then," Spock said. Spock examined Jamie. "If I may inquire, did you plan it as such?"

"No." Jamie shook her head and smiled. "Conveniently timed accident."

Spock nodded. "I believe it is Terran tradition to acknowledge a pregnancy," he added, "so I must extend my congratulations to you, Captain and Doctor McCoy."

Jamie gave him a smile and a nod. "Thank you, Mr. Spock."

"Yeah, thanks," Bones said, eying the Vulcan curiously.

"Have you told Nyota yet?"

Jamie grinned again, "No, I haven't." She gave Spock a sharp look. "I wanna tell her myself."

"Of course, Captain," Spock agreed. "I would not share the news uninvited."

"I imagine it'll get around the ship real quick, anyway," Bones groused. "I gotta go catch up on paper work, so I'll see y'all later," he added, excusing himself.

Jamie kissed him. "Dinner?"

"'Course," he said. With a salute for Spock and a squeeze of Jamie's hand, he left for sickbay.

Jamie smiled. "Let's head back to the bridge, shall we, Mr. Spock?"

"So," Bones asked, yawning and curling up close around Jamie's body, resting his hand on her naked hip. "Wanna get married?

Jamie paused, then snuggled back against him. "You sure know how to ask a girl to marry you," she said with a chuckle.

"What? You want me to ask you with a bouquet of ruby red roses in front of the crew in a tux? 'Cause I will, if I can find a one."

Jamie laughed. "Nah, that's ok." She rolled over and kissed him. "Your dress uniform'll do." When Bones gave her a disbelieving look, she laughed again. "I'm kidding. And yeah, let's get married." A grin. "But if the kid asks how your proposed, you get to answer."

Bones rolled his eyes, running long fingers up and down her spine. "I'm sure I can find an appropriate lie." He kissed her. "Before or after the baby?"

"After," Jamie said firmly. "I wanna look hot in my wedding holos, and by the time everybody gets to Earth - my mom and my brother and his family - I'll be almost done."

"You always look hot," Bone muttered at her.

"You're contractually obliged to say that about the mother of your child when she's pregnant," Jamie said with an eye roll and a smile. "I'm keeping my name," she added.

"All right," Bones agreed. "So the wedding will be a year or two after the baby's born?"

"Sure," Jamie nodded. "And we need to talk baby names."

Bones nodded and hid a yawn. "Later, though," he said sleepily. "You wore me out."

She gave him a wicked grin. "Wait until the second trimester."

"Oh god," he muttered. "How ever will I survive the hot sex my fiancee is going to demand every night."

"And all the quickies during the day," Jamie added helpfully.

Bones snorted at her. "Shut up and go to sleep."

"All right, all right," Jamie said with another grin before settling down for the night.

The bed jolted and Bones woke with a start to the sound of retching from the head. He sighed.

"All right in there?" he called, sliding out of bed to see to her.

An unconvincing groan of affirmation echoed out to him and he picked up a glass from a cabinet on the way to the head. He stuck his head into the room and found Jamie curled around the toilet, looking miserable and like she was considering puking again.
Which she did as he made his way to the sink to fill the glass. Bones knelt next to her and stroked her back as Jamie heaved again, murmuring soothingly, "It'll be all right. This'll go away soon."

"Not soon enough," Jamie grumbled sitting up properly and taking the glass from Bones's out stretched hand. She took a sip, swished it around and spat before slowly climbing to her feet to brush her teeth.

"How much longer again?" she asked after she had finished. "Because this is old."

"A couple more weeks," Bones said. "Three, maximum of four."
This was, of course, assuming that Jamie's pregnancy was normal in this regard. So far, so good, but her body had a funny way of ignoring 'normal'. Like her allergy to nausea suppressants she would otherwise already be on. God, he hoped their baby didn't have her ridiculous allergies.

"So, forever and six days," she sighed, tapping her fingernails on the sink.

Bones moved to wrap an arm around her. "Sorry," he said and then smiled, caressing her sides with his fingertips. "I ought to try to develop a nausea suppressant women like you can take when we get home."

Jamie chuckled. "Yes," she agreed. "Ridiculously allergic women Federation wide would approve." She sighed. "Shift starts soon."

He nodded and kissed her. "Eat," Bones urged. "I know you don't wanna, but you need to."

Jamie wrinkled her nose. "I will."

"Love you," Bones said and kissed her again before nudging her toward the shower stall.

She smiled at him before stripping and climbing into the stall, and Bones went back to bed for a while.

Bones came home to find Jamie standing in front of the mirror in the head, staring at her distending belly in her (frilly pink) underwear. She tilted her head and poked the skin just below her navel, pensively studying it.

"Whatcha lookin' at?" he asked tiredly, worn out from a shift with injurious mishaps in several departments and an away mission that went minorly wrong.

"Got a dark line on my stomach," she said, poking the skin again.

"Weren't drawing on yourself out of boredom, were you?" Bones asked as he walked over to her, though he was fairly what it was.

She scowled at him, and it was adorable; it might have been more effective if she was wearing more than lacy panties but he wasn't going to tell her that. "No," Jamie groused. "I have been living vicariously through Spock on that score and trying to kill myself with paperwork instead."

He stopped just behind her and wrapped his arms around her, examining her skin in the mirror, too. There was a line of slightly darker skin, tracing from the dainty red bow on her panties up to her belly button. "Linea nigra," he said simply. "Just darker skin, that's all. Nothing to worry about and it'll go away after you give birth." Bones rested his palms on either side of her navel and smiled at her over her shoulder when she intertwined their fingers.

Jamie turned around in his arms after a minute and kissed him. "You should get naked," she informed him. "Like now."

"Okay," he agreed easily and smiled at her smirk.

Their family had cleared out, leaving them alone for the moment in the clean hospital room. "That," Jamie said absently, wide eyed as she studied their baby in her arms, "was anti-climatic."

"What was?" Bones asked, slightly incredulous as he spread out his son's fingers and gently stroked his thumb over the back of the tiny hand in his.

"Child birth. That just felt weird," she explained. "I was expecting it to be more painful."

Bones rolled his eyes. "Well thank god for the drugs that make it not," he said.

"Hey, I'm not complaining," Jamie replied. "It just wasn't what I expected, that's all."

"Whatever," Bones said with a smile and another eye roll before he leaned down for a kiss. "We still need a name," he reminded her when they parted.

"Mmmm," Jamie said and looked up at him, "'David' needs to be in there somewhere."

Bones gave her a smile. "All right, so that's my family covered." He paused and then added, "David Samuel or Samuel David?"

Jamie tilted her head and gazed at the child in her arms, who began to shift a little. "David Samuel Kirk-McCoy," she decided as her son pulled his hand away from his father's.

Nodding, Bones reached for the PADD the midwife had deposited nearby for them to fill out later. "Which last name do you reckon he'll go by?"

"Kirk when he's a kid, maybe, 'cause it'll be cool. When he gets older and doesn't want to live in the shadow of the Kirk name anymore, he'll pick yours, possibly," Jamie said with a shrug. She looked up at him, clear blue eyes serious. "It's a hell of a lot to live up to, the Kirk name."

Bones nodded. "And we won't let it, or mine, or anybody else's name, crush him," he said, signing the document with his illegible doctor's scrawl. They shuffled, trading David for the PADD so Jamie could sign herself off as the mother in her elegant, for-treaty-signing script.

He let her scroll through the document, checking that the right boxes were ticked and names were spelled correctly as he held his son. David opened unfocused blue eyes and blinked up at him before scrubbing his face with tiny fists.
Bones chuckled. "You're gonna be a fighter like your momma, aren'tcha?" he asked, reaching for one hand and carefully encouraging David to wrap his hand around an index finger. "Try to get it out of your system before you hit eighteen," he suggested.

Jamie snorted at him. "If he has your mouth, that's not gonna happen."

"Or your foot-in-mouth syndrome," Bones replied.

"Hey," she said defensively, dropping the PADD on bed next to her, "I got over that."

"After you almost got stomped for saying the wrong thing in negotiations," he replied, snickering.

"Your daddy's an asshole," Jamie cooed to their baby, reaching out to trace his chubby jaw with a long finger. "Laughing at your mommy's pain. He spends so much time on the couch."

Bones tsked. "No swearing," he said, deciding not to dignify the comment with an answer.

"Please," Jamie replied. "Like he's gonna remember this. And anyway, I don't think you can go his entire childhood without swearing around him."

"Well I can try," he grumbled.

Jamie smiled affectionately. "Let's introduce him to Jo and Sam's kids soon."

Bones nodded and smiled back. "Yeah," he agreed. "Tomorrow?"

"Hey," somebody said softly from the door. "Want pictures?"

Winona made her way into the room when Jamie and Bones nodded, waiting for them to shift appropriately. When Bones was perched on the edge of bed, an arm wrapped around Jamie and the other holding their baby's hand, she snapped a few pictures and moved forward to greet her grandson, the rest of their adult family trailing in after her.

Jamie looked up at Bones while her mother and sister in law fussed over David (though she refused to let go of her son) and smiled. Wordlessly, he smiled back and ran his fingers through her messy hair.
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