ansley15 (ansley15) wrote in st_genderswap,

"As If" -A Star Trek fanfiction

“As If”
Fandom: Star Trek IX
Rating: PG (mild language)
Genre and Tropes: AU, Academy fic, genderswap, friendship
Characters: Uhura-centric story. Uhura, Gaila, and always-a-girl!Kirk friendship (budding Spock/Uhura, and a tad of Kirk/Gaila femmeslash)

Discription: When Nyota Uhura is falsely accused of academic dishonesty, her most unlikely ally comes in the form of a girl also falsely accused of many things. First in the genderswap!Kirk verse. Inspired by an unfilled prompt on the kink-meme about Uhura being befriended by Gaila and always-a-girlKirk in an hour of need.
Tags: fic, girl!kirk, kirk/gaila, spock/uhura, st:aos
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