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Fic: "The Cure," ST:XI, Always-a-girl!Kirk/McCoy, R

Not just genderswap, but a crossover, as well. All hail me!

The Cure
Author: _beetle_
Fandom: ST:XI/Doom
Pairing: Always-a-girl!Kirk/Reaper!Bones
Rating: R
Word Count: Approx. 5200
Disclaimer: vinniebatman’s fault.
Notes: Set post-Doom and post-ST:XI. Kirk’s always been a girl and Bones has always been Reaper. Timelines have been toyed with.
Summary: vinniebatman wanted some always-a-girl!Kirk/Reaper!Bones. Her wish is my command.

The Cure

Crossposted like a BOSS, yo!
Tags: crossover, fic, girl!kirk, kirk/mccoy
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