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I am a student at Hamline University in Minnesota. I am currently conducting interviews with genderswap fanfiction authors. I certainly hope I'm not stepping on any toes here, but I would like to know if any of the authors on this community would like to participate? Star Trek really kicked-off the popularity of genderwap fanfiction, and I would love to get the opinions of some of the authors here.

Here is a description of my research. I would love to hear from you! Please contact me if you have any questions or if you would like to participate.



p.s. Please let me know if this post should not go here. I'm new to LiveJournal...

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fic: Reach You Below

Title: Reach You Below
Characters: Kirk, always-a-ciswoman!McCoy, Scotty, background ensemble
Rating: T/PG-13
Warnings: Genderswap, alternate universe, events diverging from canon, darkfic, apocalyptic, hurt/comfort
Summary: When their efforts to stop Nero are a failure, the survivors from the Enterprise regroup and try to deal with their personal losses.

( Reach You Below )
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fic: Wolf at the Door

Title: Wolf at the Door
Author/Artist: echoinautumn (See link below for artist and mixer information)
Characters/Pairing(s): Lenore McCoy (always-a-girl!McCoy), James Kirk, Hikari Sulu (always-a-girl!Sulu), Pavel Chekov, Original Characters; pre-Kirk/McCoy, background Sulu/Chekov
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Three years after the skirmish with Nero, McCoy is working as a medical researcher on the distant Starbase 84 at the edge of the Romulan Neutral Zone. When a mysterious disease begins spreading rapidly through the population of the nearby Federation colony, the Enterprise joins the investigation and uncovers the dangerous truth about the epidemic and the Federation itself.
Warnings: Alternate History/Universe, genderswap/sexswap (always-a-girl!varieties), political intrigue, spies, medical drama, off-screen non-canon character death, moral ambiguity

( Wolf at the Door )

Fic: "The Cure," ST:XI, Always-a-girl!Kirk/McCoy, R

Not just genderswap, but a crossover, as well. All hail me!

The Cure
Author: _beetle_
Fandom: ST:XI/Doom
Pairing: Always-a-girl!Kirk/Reaper!Bones
Rating: R
Word Count: Approx. 5200
Disclaimer: vinniebatman’s fault.
Notes: Set post-Doom and post-ST:XI. Kirk’s always been a girl and Bones has always been Reaper. Timelines have been toyed with.
Summary: vinniebatman wanted some always-a-girl!Kirk/Reaper!Bones. Her wish is my command.

The Cure

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Fic: Thirteen Months and Three Weeks (Kirk/Spock)

Title: Thirteen Months and Three Weeks
Authors: zoetrope13
Universe/Series: AU, STXI
Rating: Adult/R
Relationship status: First time
Word count: 7,000
Genre/Tropes: Friendship, Romance, Angst, Bonding, Fake Marriage Engagement, Genderbending, Jealousy
Warnings: Kirk and Spock are cis-women, not men in this fic.
Summary: After Spock's bond with her betrothed, Stonn, is broken when he dies on Vulcan she makes a new arrangement to be bonded with another Vulcan male. This falls through when T'Pring, her old friend who always wants what Spock has seduces him away from her. To avoid shame and to expose T'Pring as illogical and petty Spock and Kirk pretend to be engaged to be bonded. This is complicated by the fact that ever since she met her Kirk is the one person Spock truly wants to be bonded with.
Notes: This is written for thest_xi_kink_meme prompt that can be found here. I deviated from the prompt a bit.
If you are a visual person this is who I picture as lady!Kirk and as lady!Spock. Jim and Spock are still named JIm and Spock. James Tatiana Kirk has to be the worst name ever. My excuse is that her parents were under a lot of pressure as all kinds of shit was blowing up around them during the naming process.

“Remind me again,” Jim said, kicking off her boots, “when exactly I advised you to tell T’Pring that we’d been in a relationship for a year.”
Mari the Illustrious

"As If" -A Star Trek fanfiction

“As If”
Fandom: Star Trek IX
Rating: PG (mild language)
Genre and Tropes: AU, Academy fic, genderswap, friendship
Characters: Uhura-centric story. Uhura, Gaila, and always-a-girl!Kirk friendship (budding Spock/Uhura, and a tad of Kirk/Gaila femmeslash)

Discription: When Nyota Uhura is falsely accused of academic dishonesty, her most unlikely ally comes in the form of a girl also falsely accused of many things. First in the genderswap!Kirk verse. Inspired by an unfilled prompt on the kink-meme about Uhura being befriended by Gaila and always-a-girlKirk in an hour of need.
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Conveniently Timed Accident

Title: Conveniently Timed Accident
Rating: K
Genre: romance, family
Warnings: gender swap -  always-a-girl!Jim
A/n: st_xi prompt: have a thousand and one images and ideas running around my head, and every single one seems to feature a pregnant Jim Kirk. I love genderbending and mpreg equally, so it's the author's choice as to how they figure out the details but I'd love some scenettes with a pregnant Kirk - maybe alwaysagirl!Kirk realises she's pregnant but doesn't know how Bonew will take it, seeing as he already has a kid, or maybe it's just little insights into Kirk's pregnancy as the months go by, or some really hot pregnant!sex, or or or...
Anything with pregnant Kirk and a loving, protective partner, please. I have a penchant for Kirk/McCoy but K/S would be just as lovely

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